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The Ultimate XBox 360 Repair Guide™ is the most sought after Manual for XBox 360 Home Repair. You can permanently fix the massive overheating problems caused by graphically demanding games like Halo 3™, which is 90% of the cause for the 3 Red Light Error. It is 100% Money Back Guaranteed, including Email support and a Bonus Video Game Backup Guide.

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What are the XBox 360 3 Blinking Red Lights?


When the Xbox 360 shows 3 blinking red lights it is a code that there is hardware failure somewhere in your console. If the sections 1, 3, 4 are flashing red then there are hardware problems that possibly could be fixed. You need to try a few easy steps to locate the console’s problem and perhaps repair the situation.

One of the first methods is to turn the unit off, wait a few minutes, and then try to restart. If restarting does not resolve the unit’s problem then try these steps: Start again by turning the Xbox 360 console off. You should unplug all the power units and AV cables from the console. Then reconnect the AV cables first making sure that you have the cable firmly connected to the unit. Plug the power cables back into the wall and turn the unit back on.

If you find that, the console is still not responding or the 3 blinking red lights are still flashing then turn the unit off and remove the hard drive. Then reattach the hard drive and turn the console back on. At this point recheck the lights because the problem may be with the Southbridge chipset on the motherboard. The chipset may not be connected just right to the DVD drive.

A GPU error may also be the cause and there are clear solutions in fixing this problem. This is a very serious error and you should consult the Ultimate XBox 360 Repair Guide™ for further instructions. The GPU error usually caused by a cold solder joint between the GPU and the main board. The one solution to fixing this involves the X clamp that holds down the chips and the other solution involves re-heating the chips.

This is one of the most common problems causing the 3 blinking red lights and specific Xbox 360 repair manuals with videos have been written by non-technical Xbox 360 owners like yourself to address this specific problem as well as many others. The problem stems from a poor connection to the main board and in order to determine that you would need just this type of instruction.

Like most sophisticated equipment like the Xbox 360, the best way to cure any problems is to use an ounce of prevention. Take good care of your Xbox 360 console and watch how you handle the unit. Make sure that the unit has proper ventilation and the fans are running when it is in use.

Never throw the Xbox 360 console on the bed, furniture or carpet. Place the unit in a safe dry place. Make sure that you occasionally disconnect the AV cable and clean the cords along with the metal piece along the back of the console. You may then reconnect the unit and turn it on to test.

These ordinary precautions will help keep your Xbox 360 unit in working order for a long time. This procedure does not need to be on a daily basis but monthly or bi-monthly would make a big difference in the operational functions of the unit.

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